Right to Education

CWISH believes that education is the foundation for development of children. Educated children and adults can be change agents to promote effective implementation of child rights. Constitution of Nepal has envisioned education as basic and fundamental rights of citizens. Access to basic education for all and free education up to the secondary school is constitutionally guaranteed rights for Nepali children. In this context, CWISH, as a CSO, has been continuously playing a vital role in sensitizing the rights holder (children and their family) to get access to basic education. Similarly, CWISH has been capacitating the delivery structure to become transparent and accountable in promoting initiatives for quality education.

CWISH is guided by the idea of enhancing responsive governance in educational structure and systems towards ensuring child friendly environment in schools and promoting quality education. CWISH has introduced literacy classes for the domestic child labour in Kathmandu valley as a bridging approach to the formal education in the initial days. Our approach to contribute in education sector is to mainstream out of school children to the formal education, ensure the participation of children and their institutions in education governance, promote child friendly environment, effectively functional child protection mechanisms in schools and ensure the access to quality education.

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