Workshop on Building with Bamboo

February 5, 2018,  CWISH has organized a program named "Workshop on Building with Bamboo" at Alfa House, Kathmandu. Bamboo project is one of the multiple projects run by CWISH and is also considered as a successful one.

Founder President of CWISH Shanti Adhikari welcomed distinguish guests and other participants. Team Leader of CWISH, Krishna Subedi has highlighted the Bamboo project's activities in Nepal. The program moved forward to performe role play by the direct beneficiary(child domestic worker) of the bamboo project. This role play demonstrated the situation of an orphan girl who was the victim of domestic labor by her own relatives but at the end she won the heart of everyone with her own capabilities.

After the play, distinguished guests, Dr. Ruth Edmonds, Martha Espinoza, Alfred Ochaya did a short presentation about the project Building with Bamboo, resilience, learning and adaptation process and also shared their experiences. On another segment of the program, group work activitity was conducted. In this acitivity four groups were divided with 8 members each, where they were provided with 2 real case stories based on the bamboo program. Then each group thoroughly studied both the story and chose the one which they liked the most. They also came up with reason on it and point out the lesson learnt from that story.

After observing this program, Deputy Mayor of Nagarjun Municipality Sushila Adhikary showed her commitment to formulate plan for the protection, promotion and development of child rights in her municipality. Similarly, other stakeholders including teachers and child rights activitists expressed their commitment to end child labor in their respective workplace. Finally, Ms. Shanti Adhikari from CWISH ended the program by thanking every participants and the guest for being the part of the workshop.


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