Project Events

Social Mobilizer Orientation

27th April, 2018 CWISH in coordination with Panauti Municipality conducted an orientation program to Social Mobilizers (SMs) under the project CLEAR II supported by Winrock International.  The major objective of the program was to sensitize the social mobilizers with the idea of child labor and Child Labor Monitoring System (CLMS). Further, it also aimed to orient SMs with the overall project, CLEAR II and provide its background, progress and upcoming planning.

The program started with a welcoming session where Social Development Officer (SDO) of Panauti Municipality Kesav Banjara welcomed Mayor, Deputy Mayor, Executive members of the Municipality and all the participants in the program. Then, he requested Mayor, Bhim Neupane to share his few words and handover the session to CWISH team. As per the request, Mayor, Neupane addressed the participants and advised SMs to be more dedicated towards the program and responsibilities assigned. He also expressed the possibility for the extension of their work tenure if they keep on showing good result in the field. Consequently, consultant from CWISH, Ramesh Poudel took over the session where he presented about child labor and provided an overall background of CLMS to SMs. He started the program, with an introductory session, followed by “agree or disagree game” and a presentation about child labor. Various refreshing activities, games, discussions and sharing of ideas and information were also included in the program.

In overall, the program was very much interesting and effective. SMs also actively participated and showed great interest in the program. It helped them to be familiar with the project and made them easier to work further in their respective communities/wards.



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