Project Events

Resource Mapping of Panauti Municipality

On 31st July 2018, one day workshop on mapping stakeholders of Panauti Municipality was held at Panauti. The workshop was chaired by Bhim Neupane, Mayor of Panauti Municipality. Deputy Mayor Geeta Banjara, Chief Administrative Office Dhyaan K Thapa also participated in the workshop. During the program, CAO Dhyaan K Thapa discussed on the efforts of Panauti Municipality, Winrock and CWISH to establish Child Labor Monitoring System. He also shared on the need of working together so that Panauti Municipality can be developed as child labor free municipality. Deputy Mayor Geeta Banjara discussed on the importance of working together for children and how it changes the future of Panauti Municipality. Mayor of Panauti Municipality requested CWISH and Winrock to continue their effort in eliminating child labor from PM and support municipality in declaring child friendly city. Further the session on Resource Mapping was handed over to Consultant of CWISH, Mr. Krishna Subedi and Mr. Ramesh K Paudel. Participants discussed on the key stakeholders of Panauti Municipality in regard to municipality, district, province and centre. A Venn diagram was prepared during the process to identify the core stakeholders and supporting stakeholders. The mapping was done through participatory approach where, participants themselves identified the resources. All the Municipal level, district level, province level, national level and international level organization/institutions and relevant bodies/stakeholders were listed. The second session was on sustainability plan. This session was also conducted through participatory method, where participants gave different ideas on making Child Labor Monitoring System functional and sustained. Various programs relating to orientation on the issue, Child Club mobilization, Municipality and others were discussed.

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