Project Events

Capacity development of social mobilizer, Education Focal person of local bodies and resource persons on recovery and resilience training package

Two days capacity building training on recovery and resilience training for Social mobilizers, local authorities, Resource Persons were held in the month of June and July. The objective of the training was to train Social mobilizers with local level authorities and resource personnel where transitional learning centers are being constructed or has been completed in Dolakha, Kavre, Nuwakot and Bhaktapur on recovery and resilience training package and are applying school safety, DRR, DRM as well as good hygiene as well as sanitation practice with increased awareness in school levelDuring the training 104 participants from Resource Centers, local bodies and social mobilizers participated. The training was facilitated by Resource Person Arun Koju and Sanjay Budhathoki from Street Child of Nepal. The opening session of the training was chaired by Chief District Officers (CDO) of Nuwakot, Dolakha and Kavre and Mayor of Suryabinayak Municipality, Bhaktapur. Chairperson of CWISH, BimalaJnawali and Team Leader Babu Ram Gautam welcomed the participants on behalf of CWISH. Speakers stressed on the need of implementing disaster preparedness plan and preparing children for any kind of disaster at school level. They requested participants to adopt learnings of the trainings and make trainings effective. During the training discussion on terminologies of Disaster and Disaster management, legal aspects, steps of disaster management, disaster preparedness, school improvement plan and school safety, disaster mapping, Seasonal Calendar, disaster management plan and other various issues were held. Group work, presentation, audio visual display and various other methods were used during the training for better understanding on the issue

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