Project Events

Capacity building training for the Community Facilitators

CWISH, with the support of ASI and Comic Relief, organized a 4-day capacity building training to the newly recruited Community Facilitators for SCA project. The training was held from 9th May-12th May 2018 at Hotel Paradise inn, Nagarkot, Bhaktapur. The major objective of the training was to enhance the knowledge related to child rights and trafficking as well as skills for facilitating the awareness session using the REFLECT model at schools and community level. Further, it also aimed to capacitate the community facilitators in contributing for the other project related activities.

The first day of the program started with an introduction of all the 10 participants along with the CWISH team. Then Mr. Ramesh Kumar Poudel (Consultant, CWISH) facilitated the session on pre-test questionnaire to examine the level of knowledge among the participants about children. child rights, trafficking as well as reflect model. The training then formally started with a presentation by Ms. Kriti Vaidya (Project Coordinator, CWISH), Mr. Yubaraj Ghimire (Thematic Coordinator, CWISH), Mr. Krishna Prasad Subedi(Team Leader, CWISH) and Mr. Ramesh Kumar Poudel on the objectives of the training, introduction of CWISH and the current project, introduction of children and their child rights. After that, Mr. Shyam Pokharel (SASANE) facilitated the participants on the concept of slavery and modern slavery. He further presented about trafficking, its causes, effects and the situation of trafficking in Nepal. Further, Ms. Benu Maya Gurung of AATWIN provided conceptual clarity on human trafficking. She also explained the relation of labor exploitation, sexual exploitation and human trafficking.

The second day of the training covered the sessionson situation of trafficking after earthquake, its effect, ways to prevent it and rehabilitation of the victims. The various National and International laws related to human trafficking were explained by Ms. Gurung. Then, Mr. Ghimire facilitated the session on the IEC/PSA materials against human trafficking especially focusing on children, parents and community people. It was followed by the session on facilitation skills and introduction to REFLECT model by Mr. Ram Dangol (Resource Person). The detailed session on REFLECT model to be used in the community awareness sessions along with some practical demonstration from the participants was covered in third day of the training. Mr. Uddab Raj Paudyal (Resource Person) also provided some concept on social action research to the participants on the third day.

The last day of the training started with a session on roles of the network organizations working against human trafficking which was facilitated by Chairperson of CWISH, Ms. Bimala Jnawali. Subsequently, Mr. Poudel explained about the skills required for school awareness sessions and the ways to conduct it through demonstration from the participants. The session was followed by Ms. Manita Dharel- psychosocial counselor (CWISH) on psycho-social counseling skills. Ms. Dharel explained the types, objectives, skills and tools of counselling and significantly the ways to communicate with the children especially the victims of trafficking. The community facilitators participated actively in a role play on counseling the victims.

The project team then provided a brief explanation on the administrative part of the project. Subsequently, the participants were given to fill-up the post-test questionnaires which was compared with the pre-test, and the change in scores were visible. The training ended with distribution of certificates for the participants and thank you note from CWISH as well as from the participants.

Overall, the training was very effective to enhance the knowledge of the community facilitators as well as the entire project team which will be of great help to implement the project successfully till the end.

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