National Children’s Day-2073 celebrated

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Ministry of Women, Children and Social Welfare and Central Child Welfare Board jointly organized a program to observe and celebrate Children’s Day-2073 on 14thSeptember 2016 at RastriyaSabhaGriha. The program was celebrated in presence of her ExcellencyBidhya Devi Bhandari, Chief Guest of the event. Likewise, themembers from the Minister for Youth and Sports, Deputy Minister for Education, CA members, President of Women, Social Welfare and Senior Citizens Committee, Secretary at Ministry of Women, Children and Social Welfare, President of CCWB, Children, Civil society’smembers and I/NGOs representatives were also present in the program. The slogan for this year’s children day was“SambardhanBalAdhikarko: KaryanwayanSambidhanko”

The program was officially started with the national anthem presented by SOS’s students followed by welcome speech of Ms.RadhikaAryal, Joint Secretary at Ministry of Women, Children and Social Welfare.The program was inaugurated by Hon. President, by lightening the panas.

Robin Nepali, Civil society representatives/Child Rights activist also spoke in the program. He stated that many children are facing problems after the mega earthquake, especially in education sector. He also focused in the effective implementation of the constitution to ensure the rights of the children and added that the civil society was committed in addressing the issues regarding to the children.

Dilliram Giri, Chairman, Central Child Welfare Board said that Board activities are completely focused on protecting and promoting child rights. There is also a need of planning for the effective implementation of the child right issues and make the parents responsible for the proper growth and development of the children. The abuse to the children has caused the hindrance in development of the children. The child development can only be ensured after the children get to enjoy their rights.

Likewise, SebiKumariYadav, Student/child representative drew the governments’ attention towards lower access of children in field of health, education and other state facilities. She further added that there are only few children having facilities and enjoying their childhood with good family environment, education and health. But rests of them are very far from these facilities. She stressed on providing equal rights and facilities to every child.

President of Women, Children, Social Welfare and Senior Citizens Committee, RanjuKumariJha stated that the children are still being tortured by corporal punishments in school and facing other form of abuse such as child marriage, growing number of street children and abuse faced by them. Ms. Jha also told that the committee is working for such kind of the children and stressed in the need to eliminate such kind of the abuse. She further stated that until the rights of children and senior citizens are protected and their rights are not respected, the country cannot be developed.

Similarly, Minister of Youth and Sports, DaljitSripaili, said the government would continue to focus on children's rights to education, health and their holistic development and committed the government’s role in creating the suitable environment for the growth of the children.

The child rights activists were facilitated in the program with token of appreciation and cash voucher.

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Speaking at the program her ExcellencyBidhya Devi Bhandari said children as the 'base of country's future' and stressed the need of creating a suitable environment for them to get educated. She further encouraged the stakeholders to evaluate the previous weaknesses and use it as one of the planning tools to upgrade the status of children. The loss after the earthquake is irreplaceable, however, she also stressed the need of everyone's focus on creating suitable environment for children's; and urged in investing more in the sector of health and education. The president further pointed that the children are still not able to grow up because of the various kind of the discrimination, abuse (physical and mental) faced by the children.

The program was concluded with the remarks of Bishnu Prasad Lamsal, Secretary, Ministry of Women, Children and Social Welfare. The program was moderated by Tarak Dhital, Executive Director, CCWB.

In additions, 17 performances were given by children as part of children’s day celebration; in second session almost 100 plus students took part and performed in mass. Around 615 people attended the program including 70 organizers and volunteers. Among them 245 were children. 4 organizations displayed stalls with awareness raising materials and books on child rights.