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Title:      Youth in Black Cap Movement
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We feel proud to be a part of Global Campaign of 19 days activism to prevent violence against children. This makes us feel more responsible, accountable and committed on preventing violence against children. This year we started Youth in Black Cap: Movement against child sexual abuse in Nepal which was launched on 19th November.

Youth in Black Cap is the campaign against child sexual abuse with two objectives; one is to sensitize people on its prevention and the other is to draw government's attention for having favorable laws and policies. Additionally, we are preparing youth defenders against child sexual abuse.

This campaign is appreciated by lawmakers, celebrities and supported by civil society, youths and students. When youths wearing Black Cap appear in the road, then people are curious and learn that 'Oh it's against Child sexual abuse'. This makes people internalize on preventive actions against it. We not just organized this campaign for 19 days but declared that every Friday, hundreds of youth will gather in the roads nearby parliament wearing black cap and displaying informative posters on their hand. Youths started saying Friday as 'Black Cap Day' and gradually its getting into people's mind that Black cap means 'I am against child sexual abuse'.

We realize that government should have friendly provisions for providing justice and responding the cases. While civil society should engage on preventive actions. This is possible while messages are reached to individual level, participation is multiplied and the communities are sensitized.