Green Flag Movement against child labour

CWISH conceptualized and initiated Green Flag Movement on July 2013 as positive innovation on eliminating child labour. Initially, the idea was to keep Green Flag as a symbol in the household where children are not employed as domestic labor. This idea was shared among the experts and stakeholders working on elimination of child labor. CWISH had collaboration with Lalitpur Sub Metropolitan City (LSMC) to bring it into action.

green-flag-movement-rallyDuring the pre-planning meeting of celebration of World Day against Child labor in June 2014, the idea of Green Flag Movement was further discussed. The initial idea was enlarged meaning Green Flag will not limit into the households but will cover business enterprises, brick kilns, hotels, restaurants etc. The initial design of Green Flag was revisited and UNICEF supported to redesign the Green Flag and printed sticker which was endorsed by all relevant stakeholders including government and non government organizations. International Labor Organization (ILO) supported to prepare/publish Green Flag to demonstrate in Lalitpur Sub Metropolitan City. Finally, Green flag movement kicked off with a rally of around 7000 people with Green Flag in their hand on June 7, 2014 during the context of world day against child labour (June 12) 2014 under the leadership of Social Welfare Division of LSMC.

Green Flag movement was launched in Hetauda Municipality too during World Day Against Child Labor (June 12), 2014 with active involvement of Hetauda Municipality, District Child Welfare Board, Child Welfare Society, Makwanpur. Along with the movement, Ward # 11 of Hetauda Municipality was declared child labor free.

Green Flag is the symbolic representation of a household and all forms of business not limiting to shop, hotel, restaurant, construction, brick kilns which doesn't have children working as labours. Green Flag Movement aims to morally and socially pressurize people/organizations that exploit child labor and encourage society to be a child labor-free. This approach is a non confrontational approach where the household, enterprise or industry that is child labor free is marked with green flag indicating that there is no child labor. Since hosting of the green flag by any household, enterprise or industry increases social dignity of that particular household. It also encourages others for making of the child labor free  zone. 

The movement initially focused on Lalitpur and Hetauda which has consequently influenced and open to other municipalities and towns/cities.

Ward # 21 and 14 of Lalitpur Sub Metropolitan City is declared child labor free

Ward # 11 of Hetauda Municipality is declared child labor free

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