MToT on Child Labor and Child protection

With the objective of creating common understanding on Child Labor and Child Protection and enhancing capacity of municipal staffs and civil society organizations, 4 days Master Training Of Trainers(MTOT)on Child Labor and Child Protection is being held at Sauraha, Chitwan from 10-13th April 2017.  The opening session of the training was chaired by Ms. Bimala Jnawali chairperson of CWISH. Mr. Krishna Subedi, Team Leader of CWISH welcomed  the participants. During the session, Mr. Prem Raj Joshi, Executive Officer of Bharatpur Metropolitan City shared on the role of Municipalities in minimizing Child labor. He stressed on the need of enhancing capacity of the municipalities and increase effectiveness in the field of child protection and child labor. Mr. Bishnu Datta Gautam, Under Secretary of MOFALD shared that 58% of the country lies in the urban area and 28% of the country territory being in the rural area so that effective programs should be conducted to uplift status of children. He further stressed that the municipalities has now the potential to strengthen to reduce child labor and could possibly play a vital role for child protection. During the session, Shiva Shankar Dangol, Child Protection Officer of UNICEF shared on the collaboration of UNICEF and CWISH which has been continuous since 2011 to work against child labor. He also shared that this training is expected to be the first step in working together to minimize child labor.