Interaction with Parliamentarians of Nepal on the Draft of Children's Act

Children and Women in Social Service and Human Rights (CWISH) on behalf of DUCOM members has organized an interaction program on 15th February, 2017 to discuss on the issues and agendas of the children's act which has been drafted by the ministry of women children and social welfare. This meeting was organized in Hotel Himalaya Lalitpur with the presence of about 50 parliament members. Parliament members are from the committee of women, children, senior citizen and social welfare and other related committees for law making process. Similarly, participants are from civil society networks and groups who are working since long time in the issue of child rights. Based on the draft act Mr. Gauri Pradhan, former member of the national human rights commission Nepal, has presented the critical feedbacks and suggestions which should be considered as the important issues while finalizing the act in parliament. In the same way participants from the other civil society organization and international organizations have provided their concerns on the draft act. Majority of the participants have praised the presentation made by Gauri Pradhan who has recommended to the parliamentarians for their conscious and active participation to reflect the core essence of the constitutions of Nepal which has guaranteed and provided comprehensive aspects of child rights. He focused on the assurance mechanism in all level (federal, local and national) and sufficient legal instrument to direct the service providers for child rights promotion and protection.

In the next part, the parliamentarians have committed to address the gap in the draft act as raised by the civil society members and committed for their performance for the betterment of the children of Nepal. Chief guest of the program Honorable Ranju Kumari Jha, chair of the parliamentary committee for children, women, senior citizen and social welfare, has shared that her team will consciously suggest and improve the draft act to ensure the children's rights for the healthy and dignified life of every child of Nepal. The program chair MS. Shanti Adhikari, ex-parliamentarian and founder chair of CWISH, has thanked to all the participants and committed to continue this type of policy dialogue for better policies, laws and their implementation.