CWISH (Children – Women in Social Service and Human Rights) is a human right organization striving to protect rights of the children, youth and women.

CWISH was established in 1993 by young and energetic Nepalese women with a prospect of promoting human rights and providing social justice and equal opportunities for women, youth and children in the vulnerable areas of Nepal.
Its work later expanded to cover issues of child labour and violence against children and women, which now form a pivotal part of CWISH’s work. CWISH is based in Kathmandu but through its numerous programs and partners, thousands of people across Nepal are reached by its work.

CWISH´s activities are funded by grants from a number of organizations such as Save the Children, Interpedia Finland, Embassy of Finland, AC International and Every Child UK.

Since 1996 CWISH has been working to improve quality education in schools, eliminate worst form of child labour, child sexual abuse and violence against children. CWISH is the pioneer organization to advocate against worst form of child labor in domestic service in Nepal.

CWISH has provision of Children’s Advisory Board (A Child Labor Groups to Monitor and Evaluate Programs of CWISH) and has representation of Child Labor on executive board as observer. CWISH conduct children’s consultation to evaluate it’s intervention every year.

CWISH is member of several national and international networks and alliances on child labor and Human Rights Issues. It is core member of Child Workers in Asia, Regional Task Force Member on Child Domestic Labor and a Member of Regional task Force on Child Participation. CWISH is member of South Asian Alliance for Poverty Elimination.

At National Level it represents at Consortium of Organization working with child clubs, Children at Risk Network Group, Nepal Rugmark Foundation, Human Rights Home, National Alliance for Human Rights and Social Justice and Alliance against Trafficking of Women and Children in Nepal (AATWIN).

Because of CWISH immense work on child labor it has been awarded with outstanding NGO award by ILO Office in Nepal for 2005 on the occasion of World Day against Child Labor. CWISH practices and Interventions are highlighted as good practices and Learning by different national and international organizations.