Family Empowerment

Family empowerment for child protection is one of the major themes implemented at CWISH. As an organization working for the protection and promotion of the children’s rights and from our experience of working with children, we are aware that the status of parents has a direct linkage with challenges of child protection along with problems of getting access to quality education, proper socialization and participation in sociopolitical process. As an essential component of the tripartite dimension for holistic development of children along with Child Protection and Education, family empowerment is centered on the economic development of the family. The main working areas under Family empowerment theme is to empower the financial management through entrepreneurship skill development, livelihood improvement and connecting vulnerable families with the modern financial institutions such as micro finance, or banks. Similarly, CWISH facilitates in parenting education, organizing reflect sessions, enabling parents for better care of their children for preventing from possible risks, encourage them to ensure their children’s access to quality education so that their behavior and thoughts will be changed into rights responsive as well as protective approach.

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