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Survivor-centred action to prevent and address trafficking of children and young people into CSE (SCA)
  • Since many years, huge numbers of children and young people of Nepal have become victims of trafficking for Commercial Sexual Exploitation (CSE). Aftermath earthquake which hit Nepal in April 2015, the number of victims and vulnerability to trafficking escalated, significantly in earthquake affected districts. The major reasons behind are: the loss of parents and/or key relatives, a lack of knowledge regarding their rights in terms of inheritance of parent's belongings, absence of birth certificates and related obstacles preventing them from gaining ID cards, lack of information about the entitlements and benefits they can have access to. Although the victims can be of any age or sex, majority of them are girls.

    With the emphasis on the growing number of victims and vulnerability of girls and adolescents towards trafficking, the project 'Survivor-centred action to prevent and address trafficking of children and young people into CSE' (SCA) is being implemented. SCA project is funded by Comic Relief and the leading organization is Anti-Slavery International (ASI). The implementing partners are CWISH and SamrakshakSamuha Nepal (SASANE).

    It is a two-year project, the duration of the first phase of the project is from February 2018 till January 2019. The project areas are Sindhupalchok, Dhading and Nuwakot. The core target groups are school girls, out-of-school girls and adolescents including CSE survivors reports to Kathmandu police. The major outputs of the project are:

    • Children's vulnerability to trafficking and discriminatory attitude towards survivors of CSE is reduced in target communities
    • Trafficking cases are well managed and supported by duty bearers in target areas
    • Systematic responses to child trafficking and exploitation in Nepal are improved


    The chief activities that will be carried out through the project duration are: awareness programs in schools as well as communities, paralegal training and their placement in police stations in Kathmandu and Pokhara, dissemination of IEC materials, broadcast of PSAs, and district and national level advocacy. Besides implementation, the project highlights on measuring the impact of the interventions. Therefore, SCA project focuses on monitoring and evaluation of the activities conducted. Further, one of the major deliverables of the project is comprehensive research report on child trafficking, with a focus on CSE.





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