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Preventing Child Domestic Worker
  • CWISH in partnership with The One World Foundation has promoted its initiative to prevent child domestic worker in Nepal. It has developed an approach to mobilize the local as well as district level child protection mechanisms in Kavrepalanchok, one of the source districts, as preventive measures to reduce the migration of the children potentially to be exploited as child domestic workers in Kathmandu valley, destination city. At the same time, actions are designed to monitor the situation in Kathmandu valley and contribute to rescue of the children at risk or exploited their rights (any form of abuse, violence, neglect, child labour) and rehabilitated to their family or safe destination if they don’t have their parents. The direct target of this project is to contribute to the life of the 20 children who are at risk of violence, abuse or exploitation. Similarly, we are contributing to reduce the unnecessary separation of the children from their family. The project is designed to implement in the demand district i. e. Kathmandu valley and supply district Kavrepalanchok. The duration of the project is 12 months from January 2017 to December 2017.

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    • kavrepalanchok
    • kathmandu
    • bhaktapur
    • lalitpur
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