Current Projects
Bamboo Project II
  • This learning project Building with Bamboo II, an international learning project has been implemented by CWISH in partnership with Consortium for Street Children. CWISH learning’s based on the Building with Bamboo I are:

    • CDW share problems and difficulties with the trusted person to access support

    • Having role model in child’s life creates hope, positive attitude and prevents break down

    • Participation in cultural and recreational activities makes child relieved from stress/trauma

    • Supportive environment at domestic work creates an opportunity to assess situation and identify protection skills

    • Accessing services builds morale in child during and after difficulties.to enhance

    Based on the above learning, this project consists of following major initiatives to enhance resilience capacity of child domestic workers to cope with adversities by empowering CDW through Out Reach Centres and art competition and exhibition including cultural event and forum theatre targeting child domestic workers.

  • Funding Partners
  • Working Areas of this Project

    • kathmandu
    • bhaktapur
    • kailali
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