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World Day against child labor

World Day against child labor: “In conflict and disaster prevent children from child labor”

June 12, 2017 

Theme for this year’s World day Against child labor was “In conflict and disaster, prevent children from child labor,” as concocted by International Labor Organization (ILO). They also share the fact that globally over 1.5 billion people live in countries that are affected by conflict, violence and fragility. At the same time, around 200 million people are affected by disasters every year. A third of them are children. A significant proportion of the 168 million children engaged in child labor live in areas affected by conflict and disaster. The World Day against Child Labor this year will focus on the impact of conflicts and disasters on child labour.

children are pushed into child labour by conflicts and disasters .

This years’ World day against child labor was celebrated with much enthusiasm by the government as well as the civil societies in Nepal. Both institutions colluded to mark the day in a grandeur manner. Moreover, certain activities were conducted by civil societies only while few others were done by individual organizations. Children and Women in Social Service and Human Rights (CWISH), a pioneer organization in addressing issues of rights of child labor celebrated the day in yet another ingenious manner.


1. Rally against child labor

With the initiation of Department of Labor, a rally against child labor was organized on June 12,2017 from Tinkune till Maitighar Mandala in Kathmandu. Around 600 people participated in the rally. Bhuwan Prasad Acharya,Director General of DoL, Barum Kumar Jha, Director of DoL, Rudra Mainali, Section Officer of Dol and Ram Chandra Shivakoti, Section Officer of DoL participated from the Department of Labor along with other participants from different civil society organizations, colleges and media houses making the rally against child labor a grand success.

2. Delegation to the chief of Nepal Traffic Police

A delegation of civil society organization went to the chief of Nepal Traffic Police, DIG Mingmar Lama on the occasion of world day against child labor. The delegation was about putting an end to use of children in transportation field. Mr. Dilli Guragain, Save the Children, read the list of demands from the civil society organization to Nepal police to control use of children in the transportation sector. DIG was very attentive and positive towards the demand made by the civil society organization. Immediate result of the delegation was that he promised to put forth issue with the transportation sectors association and begin taking action once the information has been thoroughly relayed amongst all transportation owners. Vigilant on child welfare, he promptly coordinated with Mr. Tarak Dhital, Executive Director of Central Child Welfare Board (CCWB) for the reintegration and rehabilitation of children post rescue by Nepal police.

3. Card Campaign

Newly elected leader of the Local Level Election 2074 BS were all send greetings cards for being successfully elected to the prestigious positions of Mayor, Deputy Mayor and Ward Chairperson. The newly elected leader from Kathmandu and Lalitpur district were all sent the card, with the content felicitating their success and wishing them for a successful tenure for the new responsibility and drawing their attention towards

4. Cricket Match

T-20 under 16 championships was organized marking the world day against child labor by Science Sports Academy Nepal. This game was held for 11 days starting on 1st June 2017 and finished on 11th June. Series of match were played by children below 16 years of age until two teams reach the finale. All in all, there were 12 teams competing for the championship title.

This championship was jointly organized by civil society organizations and other sectors such where the rights to play was promoted. On this occasion, caps with anti-child labor slogans were distributed among the players, coach, empires and the organizing committee. Banners with messages promoting rights of child labor were displayed around the cricket ground too. The match was partially supported by Save the Children and CWISH.

5. SMS campaign

Newly elected leader at the local level government were sent SMS congratulating them for being elected in the prestigious post as well as encouraging them to make their cities free from child labor. Mayor, Deputy Mayor and ward chair person from Kathmandu, Lalitpur, Bhaktapur and Pokhara districts were sent the messages. 250 SMS were disseminated on June 12, 2017.

6. Media Campaign

Media has been mobilized to raise awareness on child rights, specifically rights of child labor.

6.A Radio PSA

Six Public Service Announcement (PSA) promoting rights of child labor have been developed on the occasion of world day against child labor. These PSAs are aired in 14 municipalities outside Kathmandu, namely, Biratnagar,Rajbiraj, Ratnanagar, Birgunj, Bharatpur, Pokhara-Lekhnath, Tulsipur, Ghorahi, Nepalgunj, Dasarathchand, Silughadi, Chandranighapur, Janakpur, Kanchanrup¬ times a day and will be played for six months. The PSA is played through local stations in each municipality. The following table sums the number of radio station who are partners in awareness raising campaign:

6.B Television PSA

News 24 as our media partner, the PSA is played in the NEWS 24. Esteemed personnel have spoken for the rights of child labor. Eight PSAa have been developed where, Ms. Bimala Gnawali, Chairperson,CWISH, Honorary Ranju Kumari Jha, Chairperson, Parliamentary Committee on Women, Children, Senior Citizen and Social Welfare, Mr. Chiribabu Maharjan, Mayor, Lalitpur Metropolitan city and Mr. Tarak Dhital, Executive Director, Central Child Welfare Board, Mr. Bidhya Sundar Shakya, Mayor, Kathmandu Municipality, Mr. Dilli Guragain, Director, Child Rights Governance and Child Protection, Save the Children and Ms. Mariane Muzzi, Deputy country director, Child Protection Chief, UNICEF. have given their valuable messages to promote the rights of children and end child labor.

These PSAs have been broadcasted 10 times a day since 9th June 2017 and will be played throughout June,2017. By the end of the month, the PSA will have been played for 300 times already.

6.C. Press Release

A press release was published from a national daily, Kantipur Daily. The press release was developed and printed in the name of Department of Labor by civil society organizations. While the content was developed by CWISH, the printing coast was shared by IAWG.

6.D. Social Networking Sites

Social networking sites, Face book and Twitter have been mobilized to create frenzy about world day against child labor. Posters, brochures have been posted and shared through CWISH FB /Twitter page. The PSA developed and shared by Development Forum have also been posted on both networking sites. On June 12, 2017 the rally against child labor organized by DOL from Tinkune till Maitighar Mandala was broadcasted live via CWISH FB page. Event was created on Face Book specifically targeting June 12, where invitations were sent to for participation.

7. Info-graphic on child labor disseminated through newspaper hawkers

Info graphic on child labor, developed by CWISH and printed in support of the Inter Agency Working Group (IAGW) bears facts and figures on child labor, with special on this year’s theme. 22,000 copies will be printed and distributed among hawkers of national daily within the month of June.

8. Letter campaign

Domestic child labors wrote a letter to Rt. Honorable President of Nepal, to Director General of Department of Labor, to Country representative of ILO for Nepal and to the Secretary General of the United Nations. The letter is a plea to draw their attention towards the problems faced by children laborers as domestic child labor, labor in a brick kiln, (hotel and) restaurant, carpet factory. Children shared the problems and suggested solutions to those heart rendering problems faced by them on day-to-day basis. They are writing the letter with the hope that something meaning will be done to bring about a positive change in their life once their problem is known to all the leaders. The letter will be submitted and posted to the respective destination.


A significant proportion of the 168 million children engaged in child labor live in areas affected by conflict and disaster. The World Day against Child Labor this year will focus on...

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