Movements and Campaigns

National Day Against Human Trafficking

CWISH along with various governmental and non-governmental stakeholders celebrated National day against human trafficking on 5th September, 2018 under the theme æ;+3Lotfsf] dxTjk"0f{ ;f/ , dfgja]rlavg cGTosf nflu lhDd]jf/L / ;xsfo{ ;lxt u/f}+ va/bf/æ . This year’s national day against human trafficking was celebrated with much enthusiasm and grandeur manner. Keeping long the tradition of celebrating the particular day, CWISH organized following activities with wider participation of various stakeholders.

1. Rally and Main event against Human Trafficking

With the initiation of Ministry of Women, Children and Senior Citizen, a rally was organized on September 5, 2018 at Bhrikuti Manadap, Kathmandu. Around 1000 people from different government and nongovernmental organizations participated to mark the National day against human trafficking. At about 8:00 am, the rally started from Bhrikuti Mandap area which took a round of Tudikhel and ended at National Assembly Hall. In presence of Ms. Tham Maya Thapa, Minister of Women, Children and Senior Citizen, Ms. Anuradha Koirala (Chief of Province no. 3), representatives from National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) along with various civil society organizations were present for the Main event of the Day.

The event comprises of awarding different personnel from different field (Police, Governmental organization and civil society) who have contributed exceptionally throughout the year against human trafficking. The program also included providing recognition to those who have been contributing a lot against human trafficking. Towards the end of the program, the representatives from different governmental stakeholders and awardees presented their view point on the situation of human trafficking in Nepal and how has it been changed in the present days. They also felt overwhelmed to be the part of the program and were grateful for the recognition and for everyone’s presence and effort to make the day a success.

2. SMS campaign

Newly elected leader at the local level government and other stakeholders from the different working districts of CWISH were sent SMS to highlight the problem of human trafficking and motivate them to contribute against human trafficking. Mayor, Deputy Mayor and ward chair person all the working districts were sent the messages. Around 500 SMS were disseminated from  4th-5th September, 2018.

3. Social Media Campaign

Media has been mobilized to raise awareness against human trafficking, especially focusing on children. Following activities were done as a part of the campaign:

3. A. Press Release

A press release against human trafficking was developed and published.  

3. B. Social Networking Sites

A weeklong facebook campaign was conducted to mark the National day Against Human Trafficking. Posters, brochures have been posted and shared through CWISH FB page.

4. Conceptual Clarity training on Human Trafficking

Conceptual Clarity training on Human Trafficking was planned and implemented on 4th September, 2018 to celebrate the day. CWISH staffs and representatives from different organizations working against trafficking were involved in the training. The major focus of the training was to update the knowledge on trafficking among the participants, its changing trends and to recieve commitment to work against it.  

5. District level program

On the occasion of National Day Against Human Trafficking (5th September, 2018), school as well as community based program was conducted to mark the day. School level art and speech competition against trafficking was conducted successfully among 20 schools of both the districts (Sindhupalchowk and Dhading). Similarly, Community based Kacahari natak and Lok geet competition was conducted based on the topic of human trafficking. The district level program was successfully conducted in coordination with rural municipality, schools, community people, child clubs and other stakeholders. Altogether the district level program reached to around 1500 people from two districts. Different representatives from government stakeholders also attended the program. Overall, the program was a success.


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